Monday, April 4, 2011

New Beginnings

Well. Here goes. I admit, I am hard headed. Stubborn. S.L.O.W. I've been told by so many, for so long.........that I should WRITE. And in fact, I should just go ahead (while I'm at it) and admit that.............*SIGH*.............the Lord has repeatedly, consistently, PERSISTENTLY, and patiently, encouraged me to WRITE.

I DO love to write, I'm just not very disciplined at it. YET. And yes, I know that I can change that. Hence...........THIS BLOG. In our modern, technologically advanced culture, having a blog is, well...........THE popular and *normal* thing to do.

I DON'T want to be popular. And anyone that knows me will tell you I'm NOT normal.

I don't want to be either.

What I do want to do, is to be obedient to record the precious truths that God pierces my heart and consciousness with on a daily basis..........through nature, creation, through the circumstances, situations and relational dynamics of my life, as well as through events in my community, nation and the world.......I feel COMPELLED to do this. I am sure that if I don't do this that I will stand before Him one day and feel ashamed that I did not share, in some small (but maybe big?) way something of His heart that might have made a difference for someone on this journey we call "life".

We all need to be encouraged. Provoked to Love and good works........strengthened in our relationship with Jesus Christ and brought to a deeper knowledge of Him. We can help one another, and that is what I'd like to do. Just share the things He shares with me, and reveals to me along the way that might help someone else. That might help 'you', whoever you are~

And I realize that this 'blog 'o mine' will not be for everyone......but in my heart, I know that Christ would have given His all for just one, just as He did for the whole world. If even a small portion of His Love lives in my heart (and I hope it does), then if one person is helped, encouraged, challenged, strengthened, equipped, enlightened, brought to truth or reality, then it's worth it!

More than anything, that's what compels me to finally say "yes" to Him. Yep, I told you I'm slow. But I'm grateful that He has striven with me ALL MY LIFE..........made & KEPT me as His own.

So maybe something I share will resound in your own heart and spirit, and spur you on in KNOWING HIM.

For THAT my dear friends, is 'eternal life'. (John 17:3)

So. We'll see how the Lord defines this blog!!!! LOL My job is to just (finally) START.

Here we (the Lord and I) GO!!!!!!! Stay tuned! I can promise it'll be pretty random, but at least it'll be honest, from my heart, and true to what He is showing me and saying to me.......:)

In closing, take some time to reflect on your day before your head hits the pillow tonight, and know that the Lord is not standing over you with scowl on His Face and dissapproval in His heart.

He already knew. And He sent His Son in advance.........remember? THAT should tell you SOMEthing~

So let it go, get a good night's rest, and we'll continue this next time~ Gonna be a journey full of precious treasure along the way.

Till He Comes, I Remain, Faithfully,

Becky :)

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