Thursday, June 2, 2011

It Happens

So.....have you ever made a quick decision on the way to somewhere, and you were almost on the verge of being late, so you didn't really think it through, and you let someone else's input (given quite off the fly because that person knew you were in a bit of a hurry anyway) tip the scale in your mind and you just............WENT with it.  Even though if you were all by yourself, you probably would have made a different decision, but you were........yep.  Feelin' too lazy????

I did that today.

And, instead of having to face the consequences of that decision myself, my sweet hard working can't wait to leave the office and downtown and fight through rush hour traffic to get home husband came home to "IT".

IT happened.

I got the phone call while the girls and I were visiting at a new friend's home, getting the run down on her horses and dog and garden and such, which we'd be taking care of in a few weeks while they were on vacation.  Oh, and we were having quite a nice time chatting and just fellowshipping in general know, stopping to "smell the roses" and walking through those PORTALS that I blogged about yesterday.  O_o

While at home, my sweetie was smelling something ALL TOGETHER DIFFERENT (than roses that is).  He walked through the 'portal' to our home and.....!!!!

You see, we (the M&M girls and I) had decided earlier that afternoon, when we left the house, that we'd just leave ole Max inside (our son Jordan's yellow labrador)........since he was older, and very tired, and moved slowly, and we were late, and it's hard to get him to move anyway, and none of us wanted to unlock the basement door again and go inside and find him, and.........

Anyway, as we were leaving, I asked the question "Where's Max?  Let's put him outside." The swift answer came "Aaaaawwww, he'll be fine inside"  Persuaded, I just let it go.

So we left.

And while we were gone............Max exploded.  His bowels just............EMPTIED.  In stages.  All.  Over.  The basement.  His bladder too.

Did I mention that we DON'T have hardwood floors?  We have CARPET.

Jeff's voice was actually quite calm as he explained to me that he just 'wanted to prepare me' for what to expect when we got home.  He said it was unlike anything we'd ever seen in all of our years of raising and training and caring for and nurturing dogs.......( and cats, and hens, and rabbits, and a bull calf and turkey and horses and even a one legged duck.  Oh, and many, many birds).

I told him we'd go to Wally World and get anything and everything we could, and come home and tackle the situation.

He continued to take some time to breathe fresh air and exercise the other 3 dogs while checking the pool pump, etc.........basically just staying OUT OF THE HOUSE.  Which STANK.

The girls and I purchased our arsenal of supplies, and in the midst of realizing what I was going to get to go home to, I had to make a decision.

Okay.  THIS is a portal.  Yep.......a messy, mostly insignificant mundane happens to everyone sort of thing......but not something that I was looking forward to.

I blurted out on the way home in the truck to the girls......."Okay!  I'm just gonna laugh and deal with this and.......and......not complain (thank you Moriah!).  And WOW.  Wouldn't it be funny if that song "It Happens" came on the radio right now????  I'd totally give God the thumbs up....!!"

You know the song?  Well, search it on youtube:  "It Happens" by Sugarland~

Of course, you've guessed by now, that JUST as we got off the expressway and turned towards home, what begins to fill the truck cab through the radio (?)  but the song "It Happens"!!!   Michaela recognized it first, and I couldn't believe it!!!


Lord, You are TOO FUNNY!  He took me at my word, and gave me just what I needed to push me over the edge.  I walked through the portal that the situation presented.  I chose to sing along with the song (with both of my girls by the way) at the top of my lungs, and yes LAUGHING, with the windows down.!  I actually began to look forward to the opportunity to get home and attack that horrible gross unsanitary MESS that I knew was waiting.

We laughed and arrived home in time to find out that my son Jordan had beaten us to the punch.

That's right.  He had already cleaned up the entire mess, and I was actually disappointed.


Well......maybe somewhat relieved!   LOL

Life is funny.  God is good.  And I sure would have wasted a lot of time being upset.  Needlessly.  Because no matter WHAT happens, we ALWAYS have a choice.  To walk in the flesh, or walk with Him, in the Spirit~   And there are a LOT of surprises and blessings there, no matter what the circumstances would like to convince you otherwise.

Hey, don't forget to go listen to the song....."It Happens".

Cuz sometimes, OFTEN just DOES.

But we always have a choice.  An opportunity really, to rise above the current that would pull us underneath.  We really CAN walk on the water of our circumstances and experience a reality filled with life, promise or victory, rather than the everyday angst and frustration that so easily finds us in moments of weakness or weariness.

JOY.  Choose Joy.  And be thankful that we CAN~

And when "IT" happens to you, whatever your IT is.........remember that God works ALL things together for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose........and His purpose is that we become more like Him, and be WITH Him both now and forever. (Romans 8:28-29)

It's the "ITs" of life that sometimes are the means He uses, in small and BIG ways, to help us get there~  :)  Just sayin~

PS.  From now on, we've all decided and agreed that Max (on the right) stays outside with my dog Buster (on the left) on the patio, or in the kennel when we're gone~  :)

PPS.  Here's the link to the song "It Happens"

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  1. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! AND AGAIN THANK YOU! I needed to hear this today!!!