Monday, June 27, 2011


I've watched my son Jordan dive in and learn how to do things by just.......well, gettin' in there and doin' it.  You know, like the Nike slogan "Just Do It."

There is a time to learn from others, and there is a time to explore and learn on your own by doing.  I think the Lord likes it when we are open to both avenues of learning and growing.

My overwhelming thought, when I took this picture last week of Jordan replacing the transmission on his Mazda B-2000 was this:

"If we, as weak and fallen (though redeemed and raised to new life) human beings, are willing to get this dirty and expend this much energy replacing the transmission on our earthly mechanical vehicles, how much more has God been, and is He yet still, willing to get down into the dirt, mire and grit of our earthly existence and do what needs to be done to move us on down the road with Him??"

He never gives up on us!  On me.  On YOU.

And if He's not afraid to get dirty, neither should we be.

Sharing the goodness of what He's done in me, means I can gladly, by His grace, step into the lives of others, and joyfully get dirty in the process of bringing about His redemption and reconciliation!  And I can learn as I go.  I don't need to have all the answers before stepping into the process.

Neither do you.

Remember:  He (Jesus) IS the Way, the Truth and the Life.  He will SHOW you what to do, what to say, as you take that step of faith in Him, and reach out and get involved in another's life.  Isn't this how we become transmitters ourselves?  Transmitters of His Glory.  One person, one situation at a time.

Just as we share one another's joys, we bear one another's burdens.  And that will vary in infinite ways, according to the unique gifting and calling of each one of us.  The smallest of deeds (in man's eyes) when done at the Lord's prompting, from a heart of compassion, yields a greater eternal harvest than can be imagined.

No need to compare yourself with anyone else...........YOU have a unique sphere, function and way in which God flows through you that is altogether vital and ordained.  Relax and be satisfied to do whatever He has placed within your reach, all for His glory~  Your gift, your bent, your way of touching others, is VALID and necessary.

I am thanking God today for the ways in which He allows me to grow in this with Him.   And, for the opportunities He's gives me to put my hand to the plow, or the shaft, or WHATEVER He sets before me.   Life is messy, and people are hurting.  In the midst of it all, God is working to bring about His highest purposes.

Don't be afraid to get dirty.  Someone needs your touch.

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